1. a sound that is heard after it has been reflected off a surface such as a wall or a cliff
  2. to repeat details that are similar to, and make you think of, something else

Definitions from Cambridge English Dictionary

About Echo Projects

My Echo projects take their inspiration from natural landscapes and geological formations.

The works aim to invoke the sense of the landscape, their colours and textures, rather than present a realistic images.


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Desert Water

Desert Water (2017) depicts the varied sources of water to be found in seemingly dry Pilbara desert, including gnamma holes, springs, tree roots, rivers and billabongs, intermittent creeks, water-holding frogs, lakes and clay pans.

This accordion book consists of a hand-felted cover with copper-wire and embroidered cloth and card pages. Much of the cloth was reduction-dyed cotton done by myself using bleach on otherwise-black fabric.

Desert Water won third place at the Perth Royal Show in the book art category in 2017.