NOUN, Biology

The close external resemblance of an animal or plant (or part of one) to another animal, plant, or inanimate object.

Oxford Languages

About Mimicry Projects:

My Mimicry projects are inspired by flora and fauna, and the forms that they leave behind. The project is named for the ability of both plants and animals to mimic their surroundings.

The Projects:

Click on a project for more information.

Sea Urchins

The felt and stitch sea urchin shells are made using a variety of techniques. The bases are wet-felted using white and natural grey wool. Coloured vertical stripes are added using needle-felting techniques and the tubercles formed using French knot embrodery stitches.

Bird’s Nest Bowl

Made during the 2020-2021 Christmas break at my parents’ house, the bird’s nest bowl is made entirely out of supplies from my Mum’s textiles collection or found objects from their garden. The felt bowl is made out of wool naturally hand-dyed by my Mum, and mounted onto a weathered branch. Yucca plants provided the dried leaves that I soaked and spun into cordage, and a potted monstera provided the stems to brace the back of the bowl.

Lichen Pods

These felt pods were made with vintage, hand-dyed wool and eco- and rust-dyed cotton and silk threads. All of the supplies were made by my Mum and I crafted them into these natural shapes during the 2020-2021 Christmas break.

Digital Illustration

My digital illustrations feature semi-realistic, cartoon animals from all walks of life.

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