5 Funny and Creative Halloween Videos To Watch Tonight


Halloween has arrived, and YouTube creators have been busy preparing Halloween videos with that special 2020 flair.

Here are five funny and creative Halloween videos out now that you should add to your watch list this evening:


Julie Nolke: Buying a 2020 Halloween Costume

Just what is the scariest Halloween costume you could wear this year? Comedian Julie Nolke has the answer.

Barnaby Dixon: Song of the Siren

Every Halloween needs a good ghost story, and puppeteer Barnaby Dixon has this sorted with one of his more disturbing finger puppets.

Jazza: This Glowing Paint Will Blow Your Mind

Want to join the arty party this Halloween? Jazza’s glow in the dark work has an appropriately dystopian flair to it.

Tested: How to Make Creepy Specimen Jars for Halloween

Creepy decorations are a must! Tested has you covered with cheap but effective monster specimen jars.

Ryan George: If A Ghost Possessed Someone in 2020

Doubling-down on the idea that 2020 itself is the scariest thing this Halloween, check out what happens when a ghost chooses this year to possess a living human.

Bonus video time!

Andymation: The Ghost of John

Made for Halloween last year, this is still one of my favourite videos by flip-book animator Andy Bailey.


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