Welcome to Creative Tributaries!

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Welcome to Creative Tributaries!

What is Creative Tributaries?

The Creative Tributaries blog is a celebration of all forms of creativity and making, with a Northern Rivers NSW and sometimes historical flair. And sometimes science. And critical thinking.

And tea.

It’s a place to share my interests and passions with the world, and look at why people make what they do and from where they draw their inspiration.

Who am I?

I am Groot Thea. My background is in history and archaeology, but my work has also taken me on a broad course through environmental science, writing and editing, Australian heritage, and most recently mental, social and emotional well-being. Now, finally, I am the editor, graphic designer and researcher behind Northern Rivers Word Services.


Two of my biggest passions are history and nature, both of which I draw on for inspiration in my creative works.

Have you ever thought, “I need to learn a new craft”? I’ve never been able to stop, and in my spare time I’ve dabbled in digital art, book binding, crochet, pencil sketching, felting, origami, paper making and writing. There are many more I would love to add to the list. I prefer as much as possible to make my materials from scratch to the finished product – buying the wool to turn into felt, to stitch into a book cover, for example.

I am also in the process of polishing up the draft of my first novel, while plotting my second.

What makes creative people tick will be a big part of this blog and I hope you will join me.

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